There’s not an artist on God’s green earth who feels, emotionally speaking, that he or she has been invited to the prom.

—Hilton Als (via.)

Ellen Willis, on Janis Joplin:

… a woman who was not conventionally pretty, who had acne and an intermittent weight problem and hair that stuck out, could not only invent her own beauty (just as she invented her wonderful sleazofreak costumes) out of sheer energy, soul, sweetness, arrogance, and a sense of humor, but have that beauty be appreciated.

someone interviewed me about love and then turned what i said into a poem, lol:

My friend, Madelyn,

     she has this theory

that what makes a relationship special

is the choice to see one another

and be in that relationship.

To overcome the entropy of

not hanging out

is what gives a relationship

its importance.

I don’t know if I believe this

but I think about it sometimes.

I mean, on the other hand

there’s something special

about saying

"I like you so much

I want to live around you

and be with you all the time.”

I think it would be interesting

               to pick one person.

What fascinates me is

when people are like,

"I’m going to move

across the country for you.”


"I’m not going to take this job

because I want to live in the same city as you.”

How could you structure

so much of your life

around one person?

Maybe I just haven’t met the right person,

but I think you shouldn’t be

in a serious relationship until

                    you’re thirty

just because you need to grow


It doesn’t make sense why it would be,

but it seems like knowing another person,

               caring about other people,

               is the point of everything.

But I feel like it can also be nice

to learn something about yourself

as you learn about other people.

I don’t know.

I haven’t sorted out my feelings on it.