"Why should you be afraid of writing anything? Writing is supposed to be a release!"
- more Sheila Heti
"Being an artist is really just about making art. It’s really just about doing the work. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s not an attitude. It’s not a look. It really is just about working. You know, I’m not trying to live “the life of a writer.” I just want to write, and I do everything I can to have as much time as possible to write."
- Sheila Heti (via Rookie.)
"You don’t have to immediately become an artist. You have the luxury of time. You’re young. Young people are doing something even when they’re doing nothing."
- The Flamethrowers, Rachel Kushner
"Artists are political in the sense that they’ve subtracted themselves from the structure of the marketplace and are contributing something that’s not utilitarian."
- also Rachel Kushner
"Writing is a way of living. It doesn’t quite matter that there are too many books for the number of readers in the world to read them. It’s a way of being alive, for the writer."
- Rachel Kushner (via.)